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The Walker Family Band plays music that comes from their common and uncommon experiences. When the band is at full force, they have three “boomer generation” guys with serious time logged in Irish, old time and jazz, complemented by a “now generation” fiddle gal extraordinaire, who has her own unique style. They can also break it down and play as a duo, a trio, and for a bit more fun, add more of their talented family members into the mix.

For over ten years The Walker Family Band has delighted audiences throughout the Southeast with a distinctive take on traditional styles. They perform Irish dance music and songs and American old time music with a forward reaching attitude. They especially enjoy sharing original tunes, which grow naturally from these basic roots and from their thorough training and experience in classical music and jazz. On stage The Walker Family Band creates a confluence of sound with an end game plan; a fresh connection with each audience. Based in Piedmont North Carolina, the band plays festivals, weddings, private parties and other events.  True to Irish and American tradition, the band shares their experience and knowledge by conducting multi- instrumental workshops and hosting an annual summer camp that is attended by youngsters and families from coast to coast.

The Walker Family Band includes:

Scott Walker – fiddle/guitar/cello/singer – is a well known performer in the Greensboro area, and has taught for decades in the Piedmont and as a clinician across the nation. The leader of the band, Scott brings the continuity, clarity, and vision that feeds the family on and off the stage.

Scott’s daughter, Jennie Brunner, is a dynamic fiddler and composer of lively dance tunes and haunting, deeply touching melodies. She plays with a fine balance of energy and grace that is a real joy to experience.  She will capture your heart with her depth of tone, then cut loose with a tune your feet can’t resist!

Scott’s brother Landon Walker – bass/accordion/flute – whose 35 year musical career in Jacksonville Florida included performing on bass in the highest echelons of jazz and other styles ranging from symphonic to the avant-garde. His unexpected and intricate bass lines bring an unconventional approach to traditional fiddle tune formulas.

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Scott Manring, a seasoned pro, who tours all over the East Coast, playing many styles of music, including Jazz, New Orleans Swing, Old Time, and more. Well-known in the Greensboro area for many years, he adds his highly personal style on guitar, banjo, dobro, and mandocello, giving The Walker Family Band serious versatility.

32 Responses to “Walker Family Band”

  1. Jim Says:

    Looks and sounds great!!
    great work all –

  2. selena Says:

    Website looks fabulous!!! Can’t wait to see what you all are doing next.

  3. Kelly & Kay Rudisill Says:

    We so much enjoyed the music at Statesville. You are so a talent.
    Best wishes from old friends.

    Kay and Kelly

  4. Susan Ahlberg Says:

    Hello! It is so good to hear from you! The site looks great, I love the tree…. We can’t wait to see you this summer for fiddle camp. Take care and Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!

  5. Susan Boyd Says:

    Walker Family! I so enjoyed your performance this afternoon at The Wesley Long Community Hospital! Our son Michael, is coming through Greensboro tonight and I will print your bio for him and give him your card. He and his wife Amy would love to hear your music and the Irish club in Raleigh would do well to have you come play with them. It is called Tir Na’ Nog (sp?) and they probably have a website also you might like to visit. Thank you for the pleasure of your music – wonderful! Susan Boyd

  6. While The Flashes Snapped And The Girls Clamored For More, It Really Was Just A Family Affair » the dotmatrix project Says:

    [...] Landon Walker (stand up bass), Scott’s daughter Jennie Walker Brunner on violin (all of the Walker Family Band), Renee Mendoza (lead singer of Filthybird, our April headliner) on vocals and David “Driveway” [...]

  7. Karla M. Burnet Says:

    We sure missed you guys at the reunion.Hope everyone is in good health.

    David and Karla Burnet

  8. Chip Watkins Says:

    Hey Scott:

    Great seeing you yesterday. Thanks for the info on the website. Looks great. Hope to see you soon.

  9. Jensen Says:

    I Miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! :,(
    By the way i am making flyers for you guys and i is going to putt them up at my skool!!!!!!!!!!! What month should i tell them to come?
    WALKER <3

  10. Jensen Says:


  11. Jensen Says:


  12. Jensen Says:


  13. Jensen Says:

    you get the point, so ….. Merry Early Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <]:o HO! HO! HO!

  14. teresja Says:

    Hi Jensen!

    I hope you are doing great and looking forward to the holidays! I am babysitting for Nathan tonight and I will give hi a big hug from Jensen!

  15. jensen Says:

    thank you! is he gonna come for the next workshop in blowing rock?
    by the way i just saw robbie wells today we jammed out i had him for 3 out of the four classes i took at the workshop that i went to!
    and i am almost done with those flyers

  16. Michael Mauldin Says:

    A message for Landon…

    Hi old WJCT friend. Glad to see you’re in God’s country and still making great music. Saw Carlton a couple of years back. (Man, you guys got old! hee hee)

    Best of luck,
    Michael Mauldin

  17. John C. Jarboe Says:

    Hi ! Trying to purchase the music book of tunes you played in Ireland while touring there. It also includes some American fiddle tunes as well. I don’t see it under the music books drop-down menu. Please inform. I need about 10 of them. Thanks !


  18. teresja Says:

    Hey John,
    We’re delighted that you want to purchase the books! It’s a terrific tune list! We hope to offer those books very soon. We’re waiting on some final correspondance in regard to copyrighted material. Please be sure to add your name to our mailing list. We will send a notice when the details are finalized and the books are added to the shopping page!

  19. Martin Says:


    I am trying to locate recordings of Landon Walker’s NPR radio show ” Radishes” which aired late on week-end nights in the 1990′s on the Jacksonville station. Even a list of the songs he played would be great.
    Thanks. Martin

  20. landon Says:


    Thanks for your e-mail, and for remembering that show. As you know, it ran for some years, and covered a wide range of music, recordings from all over the world and diverse idioms. I did not keep a record of what was played, so to re-create a song-list now is quite impossible. And there is no audio archive of the program – I do have a box of dusty cassettes of random shows, but they aren’t available for distribution, practically or legally.

    I have happy memories of those days and the programs I produced and the people who enjoyed them, but I’m afraid that’s all there is now, the recollection of a time when radio was allowed to be creative and exciting.

    Thanks again for writing.

    Landon Walker

  21. landon Says:


    At the time, I was living on a small sailboat in Fernandina Beach
    marina and working as sous chef at the Beech Street Grill. I would be
    home in time for Radishes and would sit in my tiny cabin, drinking a
    bottle of good pinot noir my boss gave me every night, with a little
    oil lamp burning, listening to the likes of Thomas Matfumo, the Lion
    of Zimbabwe, and, then, ” Juggler’s Etude”.

    Radishes inspired me to collect little musical instruments, a coconut
    ukelele from Tonga, a flagolette, a harmonica, a rhythmn egg, a little
    Cuban conga drum, and my friends who visited the boat would jam. To
    this day I play a baritone ukelele.

    To me, your show was to radio what Charles Kurault’s CBS Sunday
    Morning was to television, enlightening.

    Thank you so much for the joy you brought to my life and the memories
    I carry with me.

    All the best to you , sir,

  22. Danny Crump Says:

    My first band director in 1962 at Icard Elementary was Mr. Landon Walker. He was also at Hildebran High. My father was principal at Hildebran which is near Hickory,NC. I think Mr. Walker went to Newton Conover after he left Hildebran. He would have been in his late 80′s by now. I am sure that he died several years ago. Are you related to this Landon Walker?
    He was a very likable man and sure had his work cut out to try to teach me to play the Cornet.
    I regret that I won’t be at the Contra dance in Greensboro on Saturday.
    Danny Crump

  23. Kathleen McGirty Says:

    I am the entertainment chair for Art in Arboretum and we have an international stage at the event and the Walker Family Band would be perfect for the event. The event is Sunday, October 2 and I have a couple of afternoon time slots available. The stage is the gazebo stage in the Arboretum and we will provide a sound system. Can you let me know if you are available and what is your fee for a 60 minute set. I hope to hear back from you soon.

  24. Michael Hess Says:

    Hi, This is Mike from Bur-mil Park. We are having our Fall Festival on October 8. Last year, we had more than 5,000 people attend. We would love if you or some of your students could perform.

  25. Harold Cooper Says:

    I.would like to know if you have.an opening for the 29th of October at 6:00 pm for about an hour gig….this is the Lions 65th anniversary party) give me your cost if you would please.I believe you have played for us in the past….you can e-mail…Thank You

  26. J.R. "Ric" Hafer Says:

    Over a half century ago I had the pleasure of attending Viewmont Elementary School in Hickory North carolina, with two most talented individuals, Scott Walker and George Grove. It was obvious even to a “tone deaf” kid like me that both were headed for greatness and would make a mark on this world. Way off down here in Florida I have heard a lot of good things about the Walkers and the fine beautiful music they play. It is then, I am so very proud to say, “yes I knew them when we were in elementary school together.
    I hope someday to sit and listen to their fine music before I am able to play my own harp in the clouds! Scott you are blessed! Ric Hafer

  27. Edison Says:

    Looking for a song called dragon ship that was taught to my daughter. Is it in any of the song books?

  28. Chris Miller Says:

    To Landon Walker

    Mr. Walker,
    I don’t know if you can help me with this request, but I hope that you can. One afternoon early in 1993, I was listening to “The Metro.” You did a program about Finnish people in the United States, specifically in Lake Worth, Florida, and Ashtabula, Ohio. I remember enjoying the program and thinking I should try to get a copy of it, but I never did. My former husband, whose father was Finnish, died of cancer two years ago. Our daughter, who took care of him in the weeks before his death, has been thinking a lot lately about his family and her Finnsh heritage. If you could help me obtain a copy of your program after all these years, I would really appreciate it. I realize that too much time may have passed, but I wanted to ask anyway. Thank you for reading this.
    Chris Miller
    Jacksonville, FL

  29. Michelle Says:

    Hi, Scott! I’m writing from the Green Hill Center for NC Art. Wondering if you could drop me a line when you have a moment? Scott Manring gave us your band’s name. Thanks, looking forward to catching up! -Michelle

  30. Richard Stewardson Says:

    I am happy to have found your family band website. Things are fine here–older–but fine. I hope all is well with you and your family. Drop me a line if you like.

    All the best,

  31. Don Hurst Says:

    I am looking for my long lost roommate from FSU in the early 60′s If Landon Walker happens to be that individual have him get in touch though my E-mail. Thanks

  32. Carmen Says:

    Hey can’t wait to see all y’all this summer!!!!!!!!!!!

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