Now Scheduling Auditions to Join the Walker Street Fiddlers

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Scott auditions new members in the fall just before the start of each new season. To become a member, you  need to have more than a passing interest in traditional music and the time and enthusiasm to hang in there through the learning curve! A lot of our players have been in the group for a number of years and know a million tunes. It’s helpful to get a copy of either of Scott’s Irish Tunes books and learn as many of the tunes as you can, but every season there are new tunes too!

Is someone you know interested in joining The Walker Street Fiddlers? Any fiddler with an intermediate reading ability or higher who has a pretty good command of the instrument can audition. Students range from about third grade through high school with some adults sprinkled in for fun. If you play cello, the tunes are going to be a bit more difficult for you, so maybe the end of Suzuki Book 3 might be a good guideline for entry level playing ability. We strongly encourage cellists to practice and play a traditional Irish instrument in addition to their non traditional cello! Penny whistle is a great choice or maybe you would like to try the bodhran! In addition, we welcome musicians on mandolin, accordian, and guitar!

Please send us an email and we’ll help you get started.

Contact us at thewalkerfamilyband@earthlinknet

The Walker Street Fiddlers are active in ongoing fundraising efforts to support those who need financial assistance and to offer scholarships to students for music classes and other eductional opportunities. Please support these young musicians by visiting our fundraising page to find out how you can help.

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One Response to “Now Scheduling Auditions to Join the Walker Street Fiddlers”

  1. Alan Goble Says:

    Hi Scott-

    It was good seeing you and reconnecting at the Ola Belle Reed festival last month. My wife, Lisa, and I spoke with you. We’re the ones who brought John Navarro to the festival (our daughter Megan is one of his friends).

    I’d like to join your group this year. I play guitar and mandolin, and dabble in fiddle. Let me know what I need to do to “audition” and how much it would cost to be in the group.



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