Hear the Band

We play as three different groups in many styles and categories, so we’ll guide you through some of them:

The Walker Family Band  

The original and still popular.  Scott (fiddle, cello, guitar), Jennie (fiddle), Landon bass, accordion, flutes & whistles), Scott Manring, banjo, mandocello), other friends and relations

We play a lot of our own tunes


Solar Flexis

Withlacoochee Waltz 


And traditional Irish music, with our own flavor

 Walker Street Reel/Gravel Walks


Bogside Beauty

The working name for the newly formed duo, Scott and Landon, exploring the ranges of their diverse experiences in Irish, Old-time, classical music and jazz.  Scott plays fiddle, guitar and cello, Landon plays accordion, bass, flutes and whistles. 

Cajun Occasion

East of Easter

The Red Box Reel/Shreveport Shutdown

The Reel at the Faire


The Walking B. Runners

Jennie fiddles, her husband Jim plays guitar, with Scott and anyone else lucky enough to be onstage with this prize-winning group.  Lots of Jennie’s mountain-flavored tunes and traditional old-time American music

No recordings available yet -

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  1. tammie Rice Says:

    interested in availability and fee for 90 minute performance at international festival in fayetteville nc.

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