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2019 Summer Fiddle Camp  – June 30th through July 7th

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The Walker Family Band offers two main event formats incorporating a unique holistic approach to teaching and learning music.  Here’s what you can expect when you attend a WFB Summer Fiddle Camp or Weekend Workshop!                                           



During every 4th of July Week…

…high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, The Walker Family Band, faculty, staff and about 40 – 50 families are grateful to call Blowing Rock Conference Center our home! Summer fiddle camp week is like that big family reunion where you see all the favorite family and friends who live too far away. As soon as your car pulls in, there are gasps of excitement from inside the car and out and it feels at once a huge surprise…they’re back, they’re back…and a great relief…how happy we are to see so many of our friends and OH!, it’s 15 degrees cooler up here!

Summer Fiddle Camp participants are offered choices from a large selection of intermediate and advanced  level music classes,  family art and beginning instrument classes, as well as a variety of performance opportunities. Instruction is offered on fiddle, cello, bass, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and penny whistle or Irish flute with sufficient participants per instrument. The Walker Family Band Summer Fiddle Camp also offers a great selection of unique classes like cross cultural fiddle music, steel guitar, songwriting, pottery and photography to appeal to as many musical appitites as possible. Individual faculty members might also offer private or shared lessons in their “spare time” at very reasonable family friendly prices.

The Walker Family Band Summer Camp was developed using a “whole self” approach to teaching and learning music. We like to start each day opening our senses to the music of the natural world. All our participants and guests are invited to join Scott as he leads an invigorating silent nature walk through the sun streaked trails glistening with the morning dew.  Our bodies and spirits awakened, we begin our day with a quiet sense of gratitude and happy expectation. 

Although our music classes feel relaxed, friendly and fun, to quote one of our parents, “There is an insane amount of high level instruction that happens at this camp!”. The WFB Summer Fiddle Camp in Blowing Rock was originally created for intermediate through advanced level musicians, but as we grew, and more and more families returned year after year, we gravitated more and more toward a “whole family” approach and developed entry level strings classes for siblings and parents and beginning fiddle classes for musicians who have a few years expreience on their instrument but still were not up to speed with the intermediate class levels. Non musician family members could not be overlooked so a pottery / arts class was scheduled and soon we needed our teacher full time as the class became so popular with every family member that we now schedule a class each period of the day! Other family classes such as origami, and contra dance were added. Another wildly popular option for family relaxation and fun is the indoor pool which is constantly in use during camp week. Toddlers, kids and teens, parents and grandparents are all included at The WFB Summer Fiddle Camp and our week in Blowing Rock is filled with creative and social activity and never seems quite long enough!

After classes each day, everyone is invited to renew our feeling of wholeness by joining Landon in a yoga session. Cleansing breaths accompanied by the pure, clear notes of the flute carry our gratitude forward as we stop to appreciate our music, our families and friends, the beautiful surroundings, and the many blessings we share and receive during camp week!

Camp lodging at Blowing Rock Conference Center is quite comfortable. This United Church of Christ Retreat Center is lovingly cared for and shared with us by Bill and Jan Bourden and a staff that is truly incredible. These kind people also are among the friends we cannot wait to return to each summer. Our camp has been called magical by many families over the years, and we know that it is the love and support of the directors and staff at BRCC that allows this magic to flourish each summer.

No less important than the comfort and convenience of our mountain retreat is the attention to detail we receive by the cafeteria staff at BRCC during our summer camps. A cafeteria style serving line filled with delicious…and HEALTHY…selections is offered for a reduced meal package price to our summer camp families each year. Sometime over these past 11 years, our friends at BRCC began to give us the “Grandmother Treatment”! The cafeteria staff are all about US! We’re ridiculously spoiled by heaping helpings that have become anticipated favorites for all of us…as in “Are we having those garlic mashed potatoes tonight?”. And it’s not all about the comfort foods the kids enjoy. A crisp salad bar is loaded with fresh vegetables each night and vegeterian…even vegan…participants rave about the quality and care they receive during camp week. Each year, our group of camp participants have included individuals with special dietary needs or food allergies, all accommodated brilliantly and bountifully at the BRCC cafeteria.

Following a liesurly dinner…and perhaps scoops of ice cream…musicians scurry in anticipation of  the evening of music we will share together. The WFB evening jam sessions have become one of , if not THE,  highlight of our summer camp. Each summer camp session begins with that long awaited 1st jam session on Sunday night. For purposes of schedule tweaking by faculty members later that evening, the Sunday Session is divided into “Old Timers” (been here before) and “New Timers” (1st year campers). Throughout the week different combinations and whole camp jam sessions are held each night…except Thursday…Festival / Talent Show / Faculty Performance night and Saturday, Grand Finale Performance for Family and Friends. Jam sessions give everyone the opportunity to play, and learn to pick up new tunes the traditional way by to listening to and watching the other musicians. By the end of the week, there’s not a camper in the room, regardless of age or skill level, who is not comfortable enough to call a tune!

Of course, there’s more. And each of our Walker Family Band Summer Fiddle Camps have been different. Even with the same general structure from year to year, each camp takes on a life of its own and is “customized” by each participant, and each family member. We say each year has been our “Best Year” and it really is true! The magic of  The Walker Family Band Summer Fiddle Camp in Blowing Rock is that each camp becomes much greater than the sum of its individual parts. Our individual experience is magnified by our friend’s experience or our child’s experience or the really cool thing that happened one day in music class that just sparked some new fire in someone’s heart or imagination. This is why, when we ask everyone at our first “Family Meeting” on Sunday night to raise their hand as we count the number of years each family has participated, more and more hands are counted at year 8…year 9…year 10!

Weekend Workshops – (Mini Fiddle Camp – Mega Fun)

Adults and students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to sample the same kind of magic created in our Summer Fiddle Camp  by attending a The Walker Family Band Weekend Music Workshop. Weekend Workshop formats always include some opportunity similar to the those offered at Summer Fiddle Camps to enhance our experience learning music by dedicating a time for body, mind and spirit to harmonize. Locations for Weekend Workshops are chosen with surroundings where we can schedule a silent nature walk sometime during the weekend if weather is cooperative and with a space large enough for an easy yoga class in case we are unable spend time outside. Haw River State Park is a favorite location of ours in the Greensboro, NC area!

Weekend Workshops can be focused on Irish or Old Time music or combine a variety of traditional styles. The Walker Family Band members enjoy featuring guest clinicians at our weekend workshops giving participants opportunities to study with a variety of skilled teacher / performers. With a lot of teaching crammed into these short Weekend Workshop formats, often a house concert is scheduled prior to a Weekend Workshop to create a venue where the talent of our guest clinicians can be featured in an intimate performance setting.

A typical Weekend Workshop format would include an open Friday afternoon… most often the workshop are held during the school year…where participants can schedule a private or shared lesson with one of the Walker Family Band teachers or our guest clinician. These are scheduled in advance during enrollment.

There would usually be a pot luck or catered dinner for everyone…depending on the venue and travel distances for participants…followed by…what else…a Jam Session!

Saturday is class day with a short lunch, usually preceded by our nature walk or short yoga assembly. Evening brings a Weekend Workshop  Finale Performance which is open to the public but mostly attended by friends and family. And then, we’re done…a  short weekend event crammed full of instruction, performance and musical fun! 

The WFB “Bring It” Workshop

Or, why not let the WFB bring our workshop to you! Music teachers in Austin, TX, Jacksonville, FL, and Savannah, GA, and places beyond have joined The Walker Family Band to present our ”Bring It Workshop” to their local students. We would be delighted to work with your school or music studio to bring our unique WFB experience to students in your hometown! The Walker Family Band is dedicated to our mission of Music, Peace, Joy. It is our intention to offer an environment that is accepting and relaxed, a tempo that is comfortable yet challenging, and joyful classes where students receive a lot of individual attention and their excitement lasts far beyond the end of the lesson! Contact us to see how we might work with you to plan a Weekend Workshop sure to excite and energize your students!

Want to plan a workshop? Contact us at!



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  1. Susan Ahlberg Says:

    Hi again!

    i didn’t know that yo also do weekend workshops….please keep me posted, ’cause we’d travel for that. And I will talk to Jensen’s suzuki teacher and see if you could do a workshop here!?!?!?!

    Take care,

  2. Lisa Baroody Says:

    Interested in your weekend workshops and maybe a private lesson attached, maybe at the end of February or beginning of March. I met Mr. Walker at one of the workshops at the Springfest in Suwannee. I am an adult beginner and have been playing for about 3 years off and on. This past year playing regularly and learning Irish, Scottish and old time music. Didn’t want to wait until the summer for a workshop. Also, would be travelling from North Florida. Please let me know what you might have available for me and possibly another fiddler or two.
    Panacea, Florida

  3. teresja Says:

    The upcoming Haw River Workshop would be perfect and so much fun for you and your friends if you can move your trip up a bit! I’ll send you more details.

  4. Jensen Says:

    i am getting the flyers done like i promised you guys i am almost done and will pass them out ASAP I can not wait till camp i just can’t wait to see you guys again, if you guys don’t already have one you guys should make a facebook so you guys can keep in touch with us more!

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