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About The Walker Family Band 


The Walker Family Band had its beginnings in 2002, when Scott, his daughter Jennie, his brother Landon and close friend and musical associate Scott Manring began playing and then recording together when they found chances - which did not come very often.   The Scotts were in Greensboro, Jennie in Austin, Texas and Landon was in Jacksonville, Florida.  Our album, Travelin’, named after a song of Jennie’s, was only produced at the cost of many road miles between us.

Jennie had grown up near Greensboro playing classical violin, and had recently spent some time living near Boone, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  There she met Caroline Pond and the Snake Oil Medicine Show and soon began playing more in the style of old-time mountain fiddlers, though obviously influenced and supported by her years of training in the classics.   As she was deciding to move to Texas to be near her brother Seth, she began writing a wonderful collection of tunes in her new style.  These tunes would inspire us to think of ourselves as a group which would perform and record them, and to write our own tunes for this new Walker Family Band.

Scott had been playing and teaching Irish music for some years at that point, as a new wrinkle in his a long career as classical performer and teacher in the Suzuki tradition.  Landon, classically trained as well, had been primarily a jazz bassist in Florida, but both immediately felt the possibilities in the direction Jennie had taken with her playing and writing, and the in ways our mountain, Irish and jazz styles could interweave.  The album Travelin’ was a delight to work on, and unlike many CD projects which leave the musicians burned out, we enjoy listening to it again and again.

We began performing as a group when we could, again with a lot of travelin’ – at clubs in Greensboro when we were home for the holidays, and yearly at Randy and Beth Judy’s Suwanee Springfest in northeast Florida.   And we began producing our Walker Family Band workshops every summer in Blowing Rock, NC, and for two years in Austin at the Waldorf School where Jennie was teaching.  And other weekend workshops began to pop up during the year – in Wilmington, Savannah, Jacksonville.  We knew from the response that we were creating something immensely valuable and rewarding, but distance always thwarted much further development.

Then last summer, Jennie, now newly married to the wonderful Jim Brunner, finished her teaching degree in Texas and moved back home, to Winston Salem, to be near her families in Hickory (where Scott and Landon grew up and where their parents and sister live now), Greensboro and Burlington.   Landon, seeing the possibilities, managed to extricate himself from a 35-year career in Jacksonville to come and be part of the new beginning for the Walker Family Band.

6 Responses to “About the Band”

  1. Jensen Says:

    i love u guys!

  2. Ann Stringfield Says:

    Do you have a CD for sale that contains the “Walking Across Kentucky” song that was plaind in the Holy Grinity Church McLendon Meditation Garden on Tuhrsday, May 20? (I may have mis-heard the title, but it was something like that.) Thought it would be a perfect gift for my brother living in Kentucky.

    If so, where might I purchase that?

    Thank you for a lovely Thursday evening’s musical entertainment last week!


  3. Angela Antrim Says:


    My 13-year-old daughter is interested in learning Irish fiddle. Before investing in another instrument and lessons (she already seriously plays classical piano), I want her to see Irish music performed so she can be sure that she wants to pursue it. Where will you be playing in the triad NC area in March- May?

    Also, how much do fiddle lessons cost and do you recommend weekly lessons?

    Thank you!

  4. Allison Strickland Says:


    I attended a wedding at the Green Hill Center where you performed and I loved your music! I am getting married this fall and would like for you to play at our wedding. Will you kindly contact me about this?
    Thanks very much.

  5. Gregory Guay Says:

    Hello Walker Family
    I finished my master of music in classical guitar at ASU, am a Suzuki Guitar Teacher, and Orff certified – and I love to jam! My friend April Hubbard – patron of your camp – insisted I get involved and I’m starting to hope that I can. I’d be up for teaching classical guitar, music reading, technique, helping parents understand how they can be involved and help their children practice with fun games. I also love getting children to write songs, show them how easy it can be to express their ideas with music. I’d be happy to share a resume.

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