2017 Block Schedule – Music

2017 Block Schedule – Elective

Top of the List: Much of the success of the Walker Family Band summer fiddle camp can be attributed to Bill and Jan Bourdon, Martha Shore, and the staff at the Blowing Rock Conference Center. Friendship, Kindness, Concern, Professionalism, Efficiency, Guidance, Support, and Spiritual Grace describe the loving care received by our faculty and families during our stay. We strongly encourage you to consider BRCC for your next professional or family event.

More Family (Ad)Ventures: Scott Walker is employed at the Greensboro Day School, and you will find many activities that he is involved in at a very active independent school. Check out Scott’s son, Seth Walker, at his web site or catch one of his performances in Austin or as he tours with the Seth Walker Band, and other familiar faces. Seth is a professional musician, songwriter and nationally acclaimed recording artist.  He is continuing the Walker tradition of fine musicians.

Irish/Old-Time Links:

The first two are membership sites which you can just browse, or sign up to be listed in their directories, join discussions, even contribute tunes.  A good, easy-to-use source of tunes, info and discussion on a variety of Celtic topics (Coptics?)  Many tunes, a useful tutorial on Irish whistle playing, reviews and a listing of Irish sessions around the world (list yours!)  A vast compendium of tunes, displayed in a variety of formats and even in MIDI, so you can hear them.  You can search by title, fragment of title, even by a few notes of the tune - if you can figure out how to enter them in ‘abc’ notation.  A little overwhelming for non computer-geek types, but immensely useful when you learn it.  A great resource for all facets of Irish music and culture.  Streaming old-time music, an interesting and varied selection of old and new players and singers, with easy-to-access links to their recordings and other information.  Sign up and listen for free.  Resources and opinions about learning traditional Irish music.  A  comprehensive and useful site.


Music Education: The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) is a coalition of teachers, parents, educators, and others who are interested in making music education available to all children.

Music Supplies: Folk instruments of all kinds, the best prices on tin whistles anywhere. Another site full of folk music supplies.

Whistles: One of Landon’s favorite sites of any kind: everything about whistles and flutes, reviews, instructions on playing, building or modifying them, forums, interviews,  psychiatric advice and support groups for players and their housemates, humor, compassion, celebrities, and occasional interruptions from the Crystal People.  Even if you don’t care a tweet about whistles, check it out.

Flutes / Flute Making:

http://www.shakuhachi.comThe sound of the meditation flute has a profound, mystical quality - a wonderful tool for centering, deep breathing, introspection. Visit this comprehensive website on the shakuhachi. Flute-making workshops are also available. For more information on his flutes and workshops, contact Landon at


   http://www.yogaville.orgThe home page of Landon’s teacher Swami Satchidananda’s Integral Yoga.  A deep, practical no-frills approach to yoga, the style taught at our workshops

Art, Sculpture, Graphics and More: Denise Kelty, long time friend and “go to” artist offers so many avenues of creative expression we look to her for virtually everything. All our books and CDs are Denise’s designs

Back To Nature: The Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World is dedicated to affirming and renewing the human/earth relationship in the context of contemporary education.

http://www.dougelliott.comWhether he’s singing about catfish, pontificating on possums, extolling the virtues of dandelions, telling wild snake tales or wailing out a jivey harmonica tune— either on a backwoods trail or in a concert hall — Doug Elliott will take you on an unforgettable, multifaceted cultural tour of North America’s back country.

Good Clean Fun at the Computer:

http://www.sodaplay.comCreate your own (or play with someone else’s) computer pets, machines, whirlygigs and whimmydiddles, make them walk, swim, fly, go berserk or crash to the ground.  Hours of creative (or destructive) fun!

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