Summer Fiddle Camp!

The Walker Family Band Summer Fiddle Camp

2019 (17th annual) – June 30th through July 7th

Blowing Rock Conference Center, Blowing Rock, NC

DIRECTIONS: Blue Ridge Mountains near Grandfather Mountain


DOWNLOAD (8.5 X 14 paper):  2019 Block Schedule

DOWNLOAD HERE - 2019 Camp Flyer : 2019 Camp Poster

DOWNLOAD: Coming Soon

(Please help us promote this opportunity to other musicians! Print and post at your local studio, school, and music stores or display at community music events and contra dances! We will print color copies and send them to you if you prefer…just give us a shout!



Here’s your link to the online registration form! GIVE IT A TRY!    REGISTER NOW!
We will try to schedule the classes you choose as closely as possible…reserving the option for our faculty to make appropriate changes in your behalf.

1 – You must complete the information on page one before continuing to page two…the class list. Don’t worry, you can edit your information before submitting the form. (If you make a mistake or want to make changes after submitting the form, let us know. We’ll help you!
2 – PLEASE DO submit a deposit when you register for camp, but DO NOT submit your full payment. We may have suggestions or questions regarding your class placements. You will get an email asking you to confirm your schedule. Then we will guide you to select the correct payment options! Notice the “TUITION DISCOUNT CODE” option on the Pay Pal check out page. Your registration confirmation email will include a code that will credit the correct registration fee(s) you paid when you submitted your registration(s).  NOTE: $10.00 from each registration deposit is retained as a non-refundable administration fee.

PAYMENTS for tuition, group participation, and special activities can be made via PayPal for your your convenience. See PAYMENTS in the drop down menu below this header page. Credit card payments must be made via Pay Pal, but if you prefer to mail a personal check, that’s great too. Your confirmation email will include an itemized invoice.

The registration deadline is MAY 31st. 

PLEASE REMEMBER – RESERVATIONS ARE LIMITED! We MAY have openings after the deadline, but we cannot guarantee registrations after May 31st. There will be a late registration fee of $25.00 for registrations submitted after May 31st.


$50 (per person) deposit

We hope you find this new online registration form is easy to use, but please email us at if you have questions or need help!

Base Registration for primary and secondary tuitions

Solo Student Fee (in addition to tuition) (Use this option if you are attending camp as a Studio Group…see details below!)

T-SHIRTS - If you are sure you want a T-Shirt…ORDER WHEN YOU REGISTER! Pre-ordering T-shirts guarantees you will get a T-shirt in the size you prefer! A few extras are ordered each year, BUT…because the orders have to be placed RIGHT AFTER THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE to get the shirts made on time, additional numbers and sizes may not be available once we get to camp!


Our host at BRCC generously invites our Summer Fiddle Camp to operate as a Special Program under their non profit umbrella. In order to make this work, each family pays a small Program Fee to BRCC with your lodging and meal reservation. By receiving this fee, they can declare our camp their Special Program with full non-profit status. In addition, BRCC generously recycles the Program Fee back to you by offering discounted lodging and meal packages to our participants…these discounts more than cover the initial fee. Beautiful, right?

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Because the Special Program status with BRCC allows The Walker Family Band to operate our Summer Fiddle Camp as a true non profit organization, this opens up many more avenues of fundraising for YOU…families, individual students, and music studio groups…to find sponsor ships and receive donations toward your summer camp tuition and costs. Simply ask your sponsor to make their contribution to help with your student’s summer camp costs to Blowing Rock Conference Center with the recipient’s name in the memo. The participant gets full credit for each donation or sponsorship and the donor gets a letter from BRCC acknowledging their charitable tax deductible contribution.  So, GET OUT THERE KIDS AND PROMOTE YOUR SUMMER MUSICAL ENRICHMENT! There’s lots of creative ways to help yourself and get help from your community! LET’S KEEP TRADITIONAL MUSIC ALIVE!


The Blowing Rock Conference Center has hosted all The Walker Family Band Summer Fiddle Camps.. These folks know how to make families feel welcome! You can contact them through their website,, or give them a call at 828-295-7813.  The caretakers of this beautiful retreat center make everyone so comfortable right away. They will skillfully assist your family reserve comfy rooms and satisfying meals throughout  your stay. You will NOT be roughing it at this camp! You can get a general idea of costs below.


Meals include Breakfast, Lunch , and Dinner daily in the cafeteria, EXCEPT Thursday…Festival Day. Your Thursday dinner options are the catered fried chicken dinner described on the registration form which included sides, dessert and beverage. You are also welcome to order in from area restaurants or take a field trip if you can tear yourself away from the festivities on campus. BRCC Cafeteria meals are self serve buffet style with plenty of options at each meal including a hot and cold breakfast menu and plenty of vegetarian choices at lunch and dinner, and desserts and beverages included.

If you are a BRCC resident during camp week, lodging and meals are discounted and priced for the entire week…download price list below:

DOWNLOAD:  2019 BRCC Lodging and Meal Prices

COMMUTER FEE: Participants who stay “off campus” are charge a daily commuter fee. You can still purchase all or some of your meals from BRCC. Please communicate with the BRCC staff to let them know if you are commuting to our camp.

THANK YOU, Ted, Martha, Amy, Linda, Jared, Larry, Ed, and all the FINE STAFF at BRCC for loving us like family and treating us like royalty during our stay!


Students who are rising 9th grade or older are invited to attend camp as a member of the High School Group without a parent or guardian present. Reservations for students attending solo will be made by the WFB staff. The fee for this group includes chaperoned logging in Calvin Lodge, all meals, activities, transportation to off campus events and a T-shirt. High School Group students are REQUIRED to attend 5 classes daily. Students reside in Calvin Lodge, a chaperoned, co-ed cottage. High School students are NOT permitted to drive their vehicle during camp week even if the student is over age 18. Forms required include Medical Release, Health Information, and Code of Conduct Agreement. The Walker Family Band reminds all our High School Group participants: You come to camp not only as a student, but as a teacher and mentor to younger students as well.

STUDIO GROUPS model the High School Group outlined above, but are designed to allow younger students the opportunity to attend camp in a group setting. It is sometimes disappointing for younger musicians who want to come to camp but perhaps parents cannot leave work for a week or maybe the cost is prohibitive for the whole family to attend. Teachers and parents can collaborate to send more young musicians to camp from your hometown studio by organizing a studio group. The group experience will inspire and excite your student participants and infuse new energy into your entire studio! And, because the WFB Summer Fiddle Camp enjoys a non profit status as one of BRCC ‘s Special Programs, studios can organize fundraisers to minimize the cost for students and chaperones even more!

EACH STUDIO GROUP IS RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE AN ADEQUATE NUMBER OF CHAPERONES TO PROVIDE SUPERVISION FOR THEIR STUDENTS WHILE AT CAMP. The studio groups will be housed at Rowe Dorms, a cabin style lodging facility with bunk beds, shared bathrooms, and porch areas perfect for jamming and talent show practices…or just hanging out. The cost per student is customized to take advantage of the age appropriate meal package, and class schedules that are comfortable for each student’s age and playing level. The Studio Group offers the very best value available for this summer music enrichment experience that will leave your young musician begging to come back year after year. Let us know how we can help you bring your hometown studio to camp!




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9 Responses to “Summer Fiddle Camp!”

  1. Marcie Brown Says:

    Hi there- Isabelle loved Scott in Colorado a few years back…she is now 11 and in Suzuki Bk 5-6-7. Can you let us know what kind of a schedule she might have if we attend your summer camp? As the parent—do I have to pay a registration fee when I take her to classes? Thanks- Marcie Brown in Alameda, Ca

  2. teresja Says:

    Hi Marcie,
    Thanks so much for your interest in our summer fiddle camp. We hope to see you in Blowing Rock!
    We’ve been getting upgrades to our website and just in the past few days we have a new online registration form where you can see the price options and a schedule of classes. Look under the 2013 Summer Camp header and click on the registration form tab. You will have to fill in the required fields to proceed to page two where the schedule of classes appears…you can just click out without submitting the form. Most class description are found on the “Classes” webpage.

    In a few more days, I will add a link to a single page block schedule on the registration page…and other webpages. I think that will help even more to give you a feel for how the day is structured. I’ll email one to you, but PLEASE ALSO CLICK ON OUR COMMENTS TAB AND ADD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO OUR MAILING LIST. We are planning to send out an informational mailing about camp EARLY NEXT WEEK!

    In regard to attending your child’s classes during camp, YES, we love for parents to sit in. You can take pictures, notes or record the class. You will only need to pay a tuition if you plan to bring your own instrument to class and play in. HOWEVER, evening jam sessions are open to participants, family members, and guests of participants. One of the main goals of The Walker Family Band Summer Fiddle Camp is to strengthen our heritage of teaching music through these social gatherings. It is so rewarding every year to have grandparents, parents and children all together at camp, playing, listening, laughing and actually becoming a part of the tradition that has brought us all together!

    We hope you will decide to become a part of our WFB Summer Camp in 2013!

    Best regards,

  3. Mary Montgomery Says:

    Have you a full address and map regarding your location??

    many thanks
    Mary Montgomery

  4. teresja Says:

    Hi Mary! Thanks for your helpful reminder! There a quick link to directions recently added near the top of the 2013 Summer Camp page, We look forward to meeting you at camp!

  5. Yvonne Moniz-Lanzon Says:

    Hi Teresja, I am thinking of sending up my girls to your teen camp this year instead of the whole family. Loraine is 13 now and Liza is 15. I just need to convince Anna (10) to hang out with me or her grandparents. The girls got a weekly gig on the beach and working on scholarships so they can go and enjoy your awesome camp :) Will let you know as soon as I figure out the summer plans. “the mom” Yvonne

  6. Heather SinClair Says:

    See that ’2014′ has just gone up. Know this is last years info, so guessing your just getting started for this year. We are new to camp and would like to attend this summer. When will you start taking 2012 deposits? And when do you think all 2014 info will be updated?
    Thank You

  7. Teresa Fox Says:

    I would really like to come with my children to the camp. We are from Hong Kong but come back to the states every summer. Last year we took lessons from a lady in SC and she told us about your camp. I’ve left a few messages but not sure if they’ve gone through. My daughter Jess has been playing suzuki violin for almost 6 years and my other 2 daughters play piano. If Jess is taking fiddle clases what could I set up for the other 2? Could you get back to me? I even have a US phone # if need be but we are 13 hrs apart. I just want to get organized as it’s hard to do so far away from the states.Thank you so very much Cheers Teresa

  8. Andrew Angyal Says:

    Scott: Fred Lail gave me you name as someone who might be interested in giving Celtic fiddle lessons. I’m retired and have been playing for about two years. I’d be interested in one or two lessons a month. Give me a call or email me if you might be interested. Thanks. Andy.

  9. Jill Whitener Says:

    I’ve watched you at camp in progress as our family reunion is may times at the same time. I would like to come and have several questions as I am a music educator expanding her knowledge. Please call me , Thanks! Jill,
    I’ve sent an email before and i don’t appear to have gotten a response please call or text.
    Thank you!!!

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