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The Walker Family Band Summer Camp is happy to announce a NEW Faculty member for 2020!


Andrew Finn Magill 


For twenty years violinist/fiddler and Ropeadope Records recording artist Andrew Finn Magill Music has been pursuing parallel careers in traditional Irish music, Brazilian choro, jazz and American fiddle. He has performed with everyone from grammy-nominees Trio Brasileriro to Rising Appalachia. In 2009 he received a Fulbright Fellowship (co-sponsored by MTV) and in 2019 received a North Carolina Arts Council grant for jazz composition. He has been featured mulitple times on MPR, appeared in Avianca in-flight entertainment and has over a million Spotify streams. Released on Ropeadope Rocords in 2018, Magill’s latest release Canta, Violino! is a Brazilian muisc-inspired project that traveses samba, chor, Muisca Popular Braseliera and more.

Welcoming back from years before!

Scott Walker - Greensboro N.C.

Scott has taught strings in the Greensboro Area for over 30 years. His experiences include teaching, playing and conducting orchestras, teaching Suzuki cello and violin, and most recently, Irish and other traditional music at workshops and institutes throughout North America.

Scott has studied Irish fiddle and guitar with several world class Irish musicians including James Kelly, Randall Bays, and Zan McLeod. He uss his wealth of knowledge teaching fiddle, cello, and guitar classes to students of all skill levels at his unique Walker Family Band Music Workshops and Summer Camps as well as in his travels as a guest clinician to many other workshops and Suzuki Institutes from coast to coast.

Through his Irish Tunes for Young @ Heart publications, Scott shares his love of Irish music with others offering skillful arrangements that challenge musicians with a broad range of skill levels. He has developed the art of incorporating cello into Irish music in his performance and publications.

Scott IS the Inspiration and Spirit of the Walker Family Band. His vision of sharing his love of traditional music through The Walker Family Band Music Workshops and Summer Camps has brought unimaginable joy and opportunity to his life and, he hopes, to the lives of many students and families, faculty members, and associates with whom he has shared his mission of Music, Peace, and Joy!

Christen Blanton, PHD - Greensboro, N.C. 


Christen has been successful as a teacher and a performer in Greensboro for many years. She received a doctorate in viola from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and while working on her degree, and for a time after she was the facilitator of the Old Time Music Ensemble at UNC-G. She has combined her love of teaching music and fiddling by providing clinics to students and school music teachers, most notably at the American Teachers Association National Conference, and also with the North Carolina Music Educators Association.

Christen is a prize winning fiddler and ballad singer: she performs regularly with the old-time string band, the Zinc Kings.  The group has received top prizes at many festivals in the area, such as the Fiddler’s Old Time Fiddlers and Bluegrass Festival, and the Union Grove Fiddler’s Convention.




Aisha Ivey -  Tallahassee, FL      Aisha Ivey

Aisha Ivey is currently working toward her doctorate in music education at Florida State University. A champion fiddler, Aisha has won the Southeastern United States Scottish Fiddle Championship for ten years in a row and she has also won awards and ribbons for her Irish, Old-Time, and Scandinavian fiddling. She even won the award for ‘Best March’ at the 2010 National Scottish Fiddle Competition in Williamsburg, Virginia. Several of Aisha’s fiddle students have won awards at state, regional and national fiddle contests as well.      

Aisha has studied with some of the world’s best fiddlers including Mark O’Connor, Eileen Ivers, Bonnie Rideout, Laura Risk, Brian Conway, James Kelly, Elke Baker and many others.  She has taught  privately and with music schools in Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee and she also teaches workshops and clinics around the region. She currently directs AZIZA! (Middle Eastern Music and  Dance group) and she started and teaches The Old Time Ensemble class at Florida State University. She has recorded several CD’s of traditional fiddle music with different musicians and she performs regularly  at area festivals and concert venues. She is the 2011-2015 president of The Florida State Fiddlers Association.  https://aishaivey.wordpress.com/ 


Landon Walker - Greensboro, NC          DSCN6457

Landon, a professional jazz bassist, has performed with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie and Lionel Hampton. He relocated from Jacksonville, FL. in 2008 where he was well known for his work in public radio.  Through his interesting and informative shows, he made a significant impact on the Artistic community of Jacksonville. He has created unique and innovative music classes for museums and schools, most recently teaching jazz history at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Jacksonville’s public arts magnet high school.  He performs Irish music on accordion, whistle, and on flutes he makes himself from bamboo. He has been teaching Integral Yoga since 1997. 


Linda Minke - Jacksonville, FL   

At the Church Linda Solo smaller

Linda has been a fixture at our camp for many years Linda’s enjoyable teaching style always makes her a favorite of students whose enthusiasm for her classes is evident after the first encounter. Make no mistake there’s a lot of work going on too which is equally evident as her students’ skill levels seem to jump exponentially throughout the week!

Linda holds Bachelors degrees in Music Performance and Music Education from Northern Michigan University and a Masters degree in Cello Performance from the University of Memphis. She founded the Suzuki cello program at Rhodes College Music Academy in Memphis in 1984 after pedagogical training with Suzuki experts such as Tanya Carey, John Kendall, and William Starr. Always enthusiastic to play and coach chamber music, Linda continues to teach and perform in Jacksonville, with a new emphasis on Irish and folk music.

 Scott Manring- Greensboro, N.C.

Scott Manring

Scott brings a wealth of musical experience to the Walker Family Band Camp. He was a legendary rock and roll guitarist back in the day, played for years with David Shepard in the “BR Boys”, and toured nationally with the “Swamp Cats”. He is fluent in multiple styles of music; old-time, jazz, swing, and Irish and more. His mastery of string instruments, including guitar, banjo, and dobro keeps him in high demand by many of the top musicians in the South-East. He performs regularly with Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, Laurelyn Dossett, and for many years has been performing her music in a series of original plays by Preston Lane at the Triad Stage in Greensboro, NC. He recently performed with legendary Alice Gerrard on Paul Brown’s traveling concert, “Music of the Carolinas”. As a teacher, Scott has a unique ability to address a musically diverse group of students, blending their skills while helping each discover new personal skills. Having earned the tremendous respect of so many music professionals has not changed Scott’s unassuming approach with his students. To quote his eager words of encouragement: “Let’s work on some things together”.

Jennie Walker Brunner  - Asheville, NC

Jennie Smiling

Jennie brings a unique approach to her performing and her teaching, that is both joyful and passionate. Her life’s history is full of many and varied experiences, always accompanied by her love of music, and her violin. She grew up a Suzuki kid, graduated through the Suzuki books and then, after high school, continued her musical studies during college with some very fine violin teachers, including Katie Lansdale and Paula Byrd. She runs a Suzuki studio at her home in Asheville, and teaches violin classes at the Azalea Mountain Waldorf School.

On the fiddle side of life, she first started to play Irish, with her dad and his compatriots in Greensboro, and later added “Old Time” fiddling, in part from Caroline Pond of the Snake Oil Medicine Show, and is an original member of the Walker Family Band. She recently formed a student fiddle group in Asheville, called the “Haw Creek Sweet Hots”.

Jennie will be teaching New Player, Beginning, and Intermediate Fiddle Classes, as well as an Early Childhood Education class this summer.  She is a respected for her work with the youngest students at the Azalea Mountain Waldorf School in Asheville, where her own children, (WFB campers) Claire, 7 and Reuben, 4 ride to school with her every day!

Ruth Pershing – Chapel Hill, NC

Ruth Pershing

Ruth came to camp in 2014 to call our first ever camp wide contra dance. Before we were done, everyone at camp was begging for more! The entire WFB faculty and staff were thrilled when Ruth agreed to return in 2015 and again this summer as a experienced teacher of folk dance including clogging, flatfoot and contra. She is in demand as a caller in dance circles across the eastern seaboard and dances with the Cane Creek cloggers at venues far and wide. Ruth is gifted  in her ability to take large group of inexperienced yet enthusiastic campers and have them dancing like veterans after the first few crefull selected dances. Fun, laughter, and a feeling of community prevail from youngster, to teen, to parents and grandparents in classes and on dance night!

In addition to directing all those dancing feet, Ruth shares the same energy that makes her dances so inclusive and fun with our high school group at Calvin Lodge! As the chaperon of this lively group last summer, Ruth not only endeared herself to the students, but also planned and coached some amazing high school group performances. And Ruth’s enthusiasm and energy evidently has no boundaries! Up early in the morning, Ruth insures the teens at Calvin Lodge are up and out for breakfast; she teaches dance classes during the day and hosts group dances and demonstrations; and still can’t wait to organize and strategize with 50 or 60 kids of all ages as the referee for an afternoon game of Capture the Flag!


Kim Burroughs - Greensboro, NC  


Kim is an accomplished educator and coach with over twenty years of experience. He earned his BA from Pembroke State University and followed with an M.F.A. from UNCG. He has an extensive background in ceramics, photography and sculpture techniques as well as in teaching drawing, painting and printmaking. Kim’s significant experience with technology includes use of Adobe Photoshop Elements, print shop and more. He is presently teaching art and ceramices and is the head women’s soccer coach at the Greensboro Day School.

He is very active as a studio artist, producing and selling his pottery and photography at exhibits and workshops throughout the Southeast. He recently traveled to Wales and England for internships with several internationally known potters, and is continually working to improve himself as an artist. In his tenure as soccer coach at the Greensboro Day School, he has had 3 nationally ranked teams and a overall record of 278 wins – 36 losses – 17 ties.

 He usually begins the week helping the students to create pottery, and then, while those pieces are being fired, he  gives students opportunities with photography, paper making, rubbings and more. His classes are very popular, for good reason. The huge amount and very high quality of art that our campers produce during the week is a testament to the work of this amazing teacher and artist, and to the creative campers that return to Blowing Rock, year after year!  We are honored to have such a fine teacher and artist return to The Walker Family Band Camp for his 5th year!


In memory of Robbie Wells,  please click  Robbie Inspiration page      Robbie Wells Facebook pic

Robbie passed away in May in 2016, and  camp remains full of memories, and realizations of his gigantic spirit! Somehow he has the same effect on our camp that he always did. He loved our camp and all the campers and teachers that have been with us for the last 15 years. We will always miss him, and at the same time, we will always be aware of his presence.









13 Responses to “Teachers”

  1. gaither terrell Says:

    I’m looking for a beginning violin/fiddle teacher (for myself) in Greensboro or High Point. Is Meghan teaching private lessons? If not, who do you recommend? Thanks!

  2. Jennifer Donaldson Says:

    Would Meghan have time for another beginning player on Tuedays/Thursdays? Maybe before 5:00?

  3. Sue Harvey Says:

    Our family relocated to Jacksonville, FL a year ago and my 12 year old daughter has hardly touched her fiddle since then because I haven’t been able to locate a teacher and she has no one with whom to play. Can you help?! She played for 2 years with Dale Russ, studying mostly Irish tunes. If you know of any fiddle teachers (Irish, Bluegrass, Country) in the Jacksonville (specifically, Beaches) area, I’d be much obliged for their contact information. Thanks in advance!

  4. Linda Minke Says:

    To Sue Harvey:

    drop me an email and i’ll give you some names and numbers for jax teachers!!!


  5. jensen Says:


  6. Nancy Says:

    How do I purchase Irish Tunes for Young Fiddlers? Scott Walker
    vol. 1
    for Cellists?
    vol. 2


  7. Virginia A. King Says:

    Would it be possible for a 64 year old woman lean to play the fiddle?


  8. Mary Fran Boyce Says:

    Dear Scott,
    Will you teach fiddle again at our CH workshop? Sat, Nov. 19.

  9. Catherine Green Says:

    Hello-I am interested in starting to learn to play the fiddle starting early next year. Would Jennie have room in her teaching schedule during evenings/occasional afternoons at that point?

  10. Beth Says:

    My daughter started in the Suzuki method at 3 years old and switched over to fiddle music playing in a multitude of Bluegrass and old time music festivals. She has taken a break over the last year and would like to get started back playing Bluegrass tunes. Does Jennie or Meghan do lessons. Wished I would have known about your camp sooner. We live in Lexington and are looking for someone within reasonable driving distances to work with her. My daughter is now 10.

  11. teresja Says:

    Yes, Both of these ladies teach lessons and would be happy to talk to you about starting your daughter. I’m not sure about Bluegrass tunes as both use the Suzuki method, but both are great fiddlers of Old Time and Celtic music. One is in Greensboro and the other is in Winston Salem. Please email me at thewalkerfamilyband@earthlink.net and I will be happy to put you in touch with Jennie, Meghan or perhaps another teacher if you want to stick strictly with Bluegrass music.

  12. Maureen Parker Says:

    I am looking for a guitar teacher for my ten year old granddaughter, a beginner. My husband studied with Scott Manring many years ago, so we’ve tried to locate him but have had no luck now that the Strings Studio phone has been disconnected. Please email or call about Scott or other teachers, including phone numbers where possible teachers might be reached. Thanks, Maureen

  13. Michael Gaskin Says:

    Good Evening,

    My mother-in-law has offered to buy me 6 months of banjo lessons. I was wondering if anyone teaches or offers banjo lessons. My wife and I have seen you all several times and enjoy your music. I work a busy schedule and do not get off work until late most nights. I didn’t know if weekends were a possibility? Maybe a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon?

    Thank You!


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