Landon Walker


Landon Walker plays accordion, bass, whistles and flutes in the Walker Family Band, and has written a couple dozen tunes collected in the book Colleen’s Fancy, soon to be repackaged and re-released.  After a thrity-five year career in Jacksonville, Florida, where he was an award-winning radio producer for public broadcasting, a celebrated musician and teacher, he has returned to his native North Carolina to work and play with the Band and look for other opportunities in his many fields of interest.

One Response to “Landon Walker”

  1. Joe Yorio Says:

    Hey Landon,

    Are you still making flutes? What styles?
    I remember them having a sweet sound and easy to play.

    I’ve got a gig coming up and I need a few different sounds in C and D major.

    Looks like a groovy life up there -enjoy!

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