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Scott on Cello - Meet the Band Scott Walker

just loves to play music! Musical roots in his family grow deep and it’s easy to see how Scott’s life has developed over the years to represent a strong and supportive branch of the family tree. On stage, Scott skillfully switches between his main instruments, fiddle, guitar,  and cello, and has been known to toss in a few more instruments for good measure. Scott continues to educate music students in his teaching endeavors and encourage family music making as an integral part of every household where there are musicians.

Landon Walker

must have spent several lifetimes, all involving music, to aquire the knowledge and and skill he enjoys as a player and music historian.

In addition to doing some amazing things with his bass, Landon enjoys playing a variety of bamboo flutes and whistles that he makes himself.  He has become passionate about learning accordian in the past couple of years, and has utilized its versitality to great advantage on stage.

Landon is also a surpurb storyteller as you will discover. Grab a beverage, read Landon’s pages,  and settle in for some lively discussion!


Scott Manring

Scooter - Meet the BandQuiet by nature and content outside the spotlight, Scott cannot quite disguise the fact that his is nothing less than a musical force. He attracts other musicians like a magnet from the Triad communities to well beyond. Scott elevates any band to to an exponentially higher level. He is fluent in so many styles and on so many instruments it’s hard to think of a musical circle that would fall outside his comfort zone.

Jennie Walker Brunner 

Jennie - Meet the BandFirst comes the inspiration and then comes the music. Jennie is the inspiration that lifts The Walker Family Band to a level of joy that is apparent to all who see them perform. When her bow meets the strings, the sound is so graceful and sweet it’s hard to tell whether the music is coming from her fiddle or straight from her heart. Jennie continues to write new tunes that the Walker Family Band are anxious to record now that our years of family travelin’ have brought us back together.

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