For years, it has been a goal of  Scott’s to plan a trip to Ireland for The Walker Street Fiddlers. Many of our students have been with the group for several years, and after becoming more and more familiar with the tunes and traditions of Irish music and culture, have expressed strong interest to visit Ireland where we can explore first hand the rich history and traditions that we have grown to value through our music.

In the summer of 2004, Scott decided to use money he received for having been named Teacher of the Year at Greensboro Day School, to travel to Ireland and establish a network of contacts who may have interest in providing venues for our students to hear and play music there. Amazed by the enthusiastic response from everyone he contacted, he returned home and began discussing the possibilities of a trip with the group. With dedicated support from our families and much anticipation from students, Scott and the Walker Street Fiddler families began to work toward making our trip a reality. The students worked throughout the year to help raise funds for our travels, and in late July of 2007, we were on our way!

2 Responses to “Ireland”

  1. Jensen Says:

    I was just one year TOO LATE :(

    Could we start raising money to go again in 2013?
    i could help and do bake sales, yard sales, and stuff like that


  2. Kricket Moros Says:

    Hi Scott!
    Wow, that is my dream someday to take my students to Ireland. I will have to talk with you at Suwannee. Will you be going this year again. I will find your campsite this time for a good jam! It is hard to jam at ours. We are site 1 near the ampitheater.
    I am starting group fiddle lessons soon. I would love to use your book. If I get ten or more can I get a price break? It may be as much as 15. I go to the high school to recruit this week. Thanks for checking into it for me. Kricket Are you going to Ireland again?

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