Musical Roots

(article written for the 2009 Colorado Suzuki Institute “commitment” page)


“I was blessed to have a musical Dad. He was a band and choral director. He has enjoyed the last years of his life being celebrated by his community for his contributions to his town as a music teacher. In all the accolades he has received, no one ever mentions the quality or heights that his groups attained musically, which were fine, but rather they speak of the fond feelings that they had toward him that made them want to practice and work towards a common goal. He loved his students; that’s what they remember!


I have always been inspired by Suzuki’s statement that he was mostly interested in developing beautiful people, before individual musical accomplishment, and that his tools for achieving this goal was beautiful music, combined with parental love. In my thirty plus years of teaching the Suzuki Method, I too have been committed to helping young people discover the joy, the discipline, and the satisfaction of playing music, hopefully in a home environment that is supportive and happy, as mine was! I’ve been fortunate to see many of my students create that same situation for their own children, as well as enjoying either a vocation or avocation in music!  When this kind of transference from one generation to another happens, the rewards are great for all of us!” 


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