From Shawn Houck, Corporate Events Specialist, Moses Cone Health System.

Dear Scott, Teresja, Jennie, and Landon,


Everything turned out wonderful today! The music sounded just amazing, and it meant a great deal to everyone there.

Many thanks for always being there with caring and kindness. Wishes for Blessings & Peace in your Holiday season and into the New Year!



 From Carolyn Tobin , Benefit Concert for The Center for Education and Imagination in the Natural World






What a wonderful performance that was!! Such a joy The Walker Family Band all were sharing your passion for music with us all! And the Walker Street Fiddlers….how sweet they were!! Thank you, thank you, thank you from us all here…and from many others who are e-mailing us their appreciation today!

Scott, we thank you especially for giving your time last night. We are deeply grateful.

Again, much love and delight from here!


From Dr. Jan Van Dyke, Professor of Dance, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


I’m a Greensboro choreographer, always looking for interesting music. Friends at the Green Hill Gallery passed your CD on to me and I’ve been listening and really liking the music. I’d like to use selections for a piece of choreography which will premiere at the Green Hill Gallery in May in a series of 3 free performances.

Of course, it would be just wonderful if you all would come and perform with us, but I’ll be grateful for permission to perform the music off the CD. (We love it!) Thanks for considering this request.

Jan Van Dyke

(Jan chose to choreograph dances for “Travelin”, “Cherry Blossom” and “The Buckeye Waltz”.)

From Caroline, Student Musician


I am 10 years old and love your music. I have the book Irish Tunes For Young Fiddlers Book Two. I let my violin teacher borrow it and now all we are playing is Swallow Tail,Slane, and New Rigged Ship. I don’t like slow songs one bit. So… when I am bored of slow songs I play your music. I have a Landolfi violin. My grandmother had it when she was a kid. We took it to a man in Boston and got it appraised,he said it was probably made in 1760. Well anyway I am doing a project in school on the violin and the fiddle. Do you know any information on the history on the violin or the fiddle? I thought you would because your band has some fiddler players in it. Well another question on your songs in the book I have,who sang in the song Dawning of the Day? Well gotta go now please e-mail me back.

My name is Caroline.

Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!


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